Creating Beautiful Lawns

Our turf laying services provide you with a beautiful, hard wearing lawn suitable for every type of garden. Before being laid the ground underneath is prepared, leveled and covered with high quality top soil to ensure your garden lawn has the best possible start, so it will continue to thrive long after being laid.

For our customers gardens we only want the very best grass of the highest quality, that’s why we only use Rolawn turf. Rolawn uses specially selected seed mixes that are independently tested by top rated cultivars. Their seed blend is designed to create a grass that suits the diverse UK climate, provides stable roots for rapid establishment and blades that are wear and disease resistant.

Our turf laying services include the following:

      Clearance of old turf, patios or rubble to make way for new turf

      Soil preparation

      Laying turf


      Creating new lawns

      Re-turfing and replacing existing lawns


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