Autumn Brown

These beautiful hand-cut autumn brown patio circles create a stunning focal point for any patio. This natural Indian sandstone displays mixtures of brown, red and grey tones.
This full circle pack is available for just £285.

Kandla Grey

These hand cut kendla grey paving cirles create a modern center point for any patio area. This premium Indian sandstone is popular for it's natural blue and grey tones.
Get this full Kandla grey circle for just - £285.

Mint Fossil - Polished

These mint sandstone patio circles are hand cut and polished to create a beautiful smooth matte effect. Each of these stones is unique with a blend of pale creams, beige and honey tones.
This circle is available for £299.

Raj Green

Raj green hand-cut patio circle a great way to introduce a focal point or center to any patio area. With a blend of grey, green and light brown hues this natural sandstone makes a great edition to any garden.
Get this stunning patio circle for just £285.

Rippon Buff

These Rippon Buff hand cut patio circles provide an attractive blend of natural colours with a striking vein throughout. Each stone is unique and are ideal as a stand alone or feature in any garden.
This patio circle pack is available for £285.