Autumn Brown - Calibrated 22mm

This autumn brown sandstone is filled with shades of creams, terracotta & warm browns. One of the more consistently coloured sandstone these would complement any garden or outside space beautifully.
Price £18.86 Per SQM inc VAT.

Kandla Grey - Calibrated 22mm

Kandla grey is a popular choice of stone due to its modern appearance and consistent colouring of neutral grey and blue tones. This stone has a lightly riven top and hand dressed edges which provide a traditional look with a contemporary touch.
Price £18.86 Per SQM in VAT.

Mint Fossil - Calibrated 22mm

Mint fossil is a sandstone that offers colour tones of orange, beige and brown combined with unique fossil markings throughout. This truly unique stone is extremely popular due to its interesting appearance and hard wearing durability.
Price £19.75 Per SQM in VAT

Raj Green - Calibrated 22mm

Raj green sandstone is a versatile blend of subtle light green and brown tones making it an ideal choice for traditional designs. This calibrated stone has a riven top and hand cut edges providing an elegant finish to any garden.
Price £18.86 Per SQM inc VAT.

Raveena - Calibrated 22mm

Raveena sandstone is the perfect choice for a modern outdoor setting with blends of pink swirling among grey and yellow tones. This popular stone is favoured due to its beautifully natural variations which make every stone completely unique.
Price £18.86 Per SQM inc VAT.

Rippon Buff - Calibrated 22mm

Rippon buff paving offers one of the most varied colour pallets in the sandstone collection. These hard working stones offer incredible natural patterns with brown, pink and peach tones making every stone completely unique.
Price £18.86 Per SQM inc VAT.